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Emergency Electrical Repair Albuquerque – 24/7

Osceola Energy performs emergency electrical repair in Albuquerque for a local business during the night

Osceola Energy were called out for an emergency electrical repair service call on July 8th at 10pm.  The Apple service center had a short in their Luntron Dimmer panel that controls all of their lighting and automated systems. Our electricians fixed the issue to get Apple back up and running that night.

LP Dimming Panels are ideal for projects with many small loads. Each panel provides power and dimming for up to 32 dimming legs. • Work directly with incandescent, magnetic low voltage, and neon/cold cathode lighting, as well as Lutron TuWire Fluorescent Dimming Ballasts. • Work with electronic low voltage lighting via Power Interfaces. • Work with 3-wire AC motors through motor modules. • Panels are pre-wired – just bring in feed and load wiring. • Surface or recess mount between 16” center to center studs. 24 new circuit boards were needed to complete the project and keep the panel from having further issues. Once the panels had arrived we scheduled with Apple to complete the remainder of the work at 10pm on Tuesday July 15th, when the store was closed. Our licensed electricians replaced all 24 cards in the Lutron panel. Once the replacement was completed, the system was back online and fully operational.



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