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For enterprises who want climate-aware solutions to power their needs. 

OE Solar offers emissions-free energy solutions to help save the environment and your money.

OE Solar is an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor operating out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. We work with commercial and industrial clients across the Southwest to reduce and stabilize electricity costs through solar, solar-plus-storage, and standalone storage projects.

Financing for Solar


We understand you want to reap the benefits of solar without having to use your working capital.  OE Solar understands as we are a business too.  

Tesla Megapack Battery


With 14 years of Industry experience and the licensing and project portfolio to prove we care about craftmanship and design of your Solar PV System.

Solar Production


Installations are performed by certified installers and licensed electricians.  The production of the solar PV system is as important as the aesthetics.

The Ever-Changing Tax Landscape

OE Solar knows you're not an expert in Solar Tax Credits, that's why you work with us. This does not mean that we know everything there is to know about it, but we stay abreast to the new guidance provided by the IRS to keep your company in compliance with the tax savings we are modeling for you.  We work with your CPA, who understands your exact business and tax situation, to capture as many credits possible to make the economics of the system benefit your bottom line.

MARCS Depreciation





With OE Solar extensive experience and new Joint Venture we can help you transform your land into a power producing energy farm that helps the community.  With a farm that is over 1MW in size there are Tax Credits that can be taken to help the project become more economically feasible. See ITC Tax Adders below.

At OE Solar, we prioritize adherence to certified payroll and Apprenticeship program guidelines, ensuring that our projects meet the necessary criteria to confidently apply for the 30% federal ITC tax credit. With over a decade of experience working with government apprenticeship programs and certified payroll requirements for public works, we leverage this expertise to fulfill the ITC requirements, allowing our customers to qualify for the 24% adder. When combined with the standard 6%, this adds up to the 30% tax credit advertised by our competitors.

OE Solar is already in compliance with these requirements, ensuring that in 2024, you won't miss out on substantial savings. Our specialization in Commercial and Government Public Works projects makes our position in the market more crucial than ever.

ITC Tax Adders to base 6%


Developing New Energy Infrastructure 

Commercial Complexes, Apartments, Retail Spaces.

We guide business owners through the options and incentives available to transition their facilities to clean energy and in developing new energy revenue streams.



Learn how you can reduce your electric bill and contribute to solar in New Mexico without installing it on your roof!


OE Solar offers a comprehensive spectrum of services for clean energy construction projects including solar PV, energy storage systems, and EV charging stations. From beginning to end OE Solar handles your project with quality and care.

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