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Community Solar

Meaningful Benefits of Community Solar

Equitable Access & Consumer Protection

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  • Contract terms that strongly support New Mexicans. 
  • Inclusive outreach and engagement
  • Financial products that are accessible to all New Mexican households.

Resilience, Storage, & Grid Benefits

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  • Household and community level resilience.
  • Grid strengthening strategies.
  • Shortened Power outages that improve health outcomes.

Meaningful Household Savings

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  • Guaranteed utility bill savings.
  • Opportunities to save and gain wealth.
  • Indirect business and multifamily affordable tenant benefits. 

Community Led Economic Development

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  • Opportunities for community ownership
  • Community benefits agreements
  • Community support for local, minority, and women-owned businesses. 

Solar Workforce Development

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  • Career accessibility for workers from all backgrounds that offer competitive wages and opportunities for union membership. 
  • Training and apprenticeship programs.

Community Building with OE Solar

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  • More money spent in the community from utility savings.
  • Healthier community members.
  • Better mental health.

Common Myths About Commercial Solar in New Mexico

Myth #1

Community solar is too expensive!

Truth is, there is no cost to join with community solar. You can simply sign up online for an already built solar farm to get your share! You can have clean energy with community solar. Contact OE Solar to find out more!​

Myth #2

Community solar energy is a scam

Community solar is regulated by the state of New Mexico, so the price you pay is today is the price you'll pay in the future. No surprises. Just clean energy. Contact OE Solar to find out more!

Myth #3

Community solar is too big of a commitment

Community solar comes with zero commitment. Unlike solar panels, you have the option to cancel your commitment to solar at any time. Contact OE Solar to find out more about zero-obligation community solar in New Mexico.

OE Solar and Sunvest Announce Joint Venture for Community SOlar Projects in New Mexico. 

Collaborative effort will benefit low-income communities and organizations in the state. Community Solar has come to New Mexico and OE Solar is helping pave the way for it's sucess.

OE Solar Community Solar Joint Venture

OE Solar in Albuquerque is both New Mexico's leading Local Developer & EPC Partner!
OE Solar in Albuquerque installed the first Community Solar Project in the State of New Mexico for the Picuris Pueblo.  OE Solar offers the Development and EPC experience for the New Community Solar Program here in Albuquerque and throughout the state of New Mexico.

There are many benefits of having a community-based solar project in your town. Community-based solar allows New Mexico businesses, municipalities, organizations, and residents to purchase shares in a renewable energy, so they can offset their monthly energy consumption! Community solar allows for equal access to solar energy, so you can make a positive environmental contribution without putting solar modules on the roofs.

Community Solar News

As the landscape of Community Solar Projects in New Mexico begin to take shape, we are looking forward to sharing the progress being made to expand access to clean energy across our Land of Enchantment. Enter your email below if you'd like to stay updated on Community Solar Projects, developments, opportunities, news, and more! 


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