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OE Solar Special Award – NAIOP Student Science Fair

OE Solar is proud and thrilled to have sponsored NAIOP-NM in staging their annual student science fair and contributing to the education and advancement of green technology. Representatives from elementary, middle & high schools from Central New Mexico had the opportunity to present their science projects to professional scientists and the community on March 24 – 25th at the EXPO NM.

From the OE Solar project management team, Adrian Mariah was one of the judges for the Science Fair.

“The NAIOP Science Fair takes the passion for science and gives students a platform to share it with the world. It provides the next generation with a podium to share their ideas, often unlocking doors to some incredible, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.”

After careful consideration, he designated the $500.00 “OE Solar Award” to 4 projects: ‘the Solar Powered Microwave‘, ‘Testing Flood Management’, ‘Does The Color of An Object…& ‘the Recirculating Shower System‘.

“My heartfelt congratulations to all of this year’s NAIOP Science Fair finalists and winners. You might “only” be kids still, but you’re also outstanding researchers, entrepreneurs, technologists, and adventurers challenging themselves — and all of us — to make this world a better and greener place. “



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