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For companies that understand the importance Asset Management 

Operations & Maintenance Services

OE Solar specializes in Commercial Solar Operations & Maintenance.
It is important to understand the importance of continued service and maintenance for a solar PV system to ensure optimal production. Modern solar panels are very durable, often lasting more than twenty years. However to ensure solar modules are production per the manufactures warranty they need annual maintenance and testing. Maintenance is relatively minimal if done regularly, but consistency is the key. OE Solar offers several different asset management solutions for every size business.  OE Optics is OE Solar's newest offering with no annual contract. OE Optics allows us to oversee the efficiency and condition of your solar PV system year-round, regardless if OE Solar installed your system.

  • Maximize your solar project’s financial return on investment.

  • Ensures the long-term performance and reliability of a solar project.

  • Reduces the risk of financial losses associated with solar projects.