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Over 15 years of Success 

OE Solar is an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor operating out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. We work with commercial and industrial clients across the Southwest. Our mission is to help our clients install new energy infrastructure. Likewise, the case studies below exhibit previously completed projects.  OE Solar has a variety of ways we reduce and stabilize electricity costs. Even so, we do this through solar-plus-storage, and standalone storage projects. Yet, OE Solar’s experienced project finance team works with you to analyze a variety of solar financing options. Our finance team researches incentives and rebate programs on your behalf to find a solution that best fits your budget, maximizing ROI.

Our case studies prove that our relationships with policymakers and regulators allow us to make solar simpler, streamlining the solar process for Public Works, commercial & industrial clients. At OE Solar, we pride ourselves on our strong values of being agile, versatile, and trustworthy. Our customers’ goals motivate us to provide solutions for various applications in miscellaneous markets. Don’t take our word for it – discover for yourself in these case studies how we have provided each customer with individualized energy solutions.

Commercial Solar PV

City of Albuquerque

OE Solar installed a 349.2 kW ballast mounted system with Sollega racking at the City of Albuquerque's Pino Yard Complex.

Commercial Solar PV

Albuquerque Public Schools

OE Solar installed a 184.6 kW in 2017 for the Manzano high school.  This system was a ballast mounted system.  The system included more than 568 solar modules.

Commnuity Solar

1.25 MW Solar Farm

This 1.25 MW solar farm was the first community solar project in the state of New Mexico for the Picuris Pueblo.

Solar Donation

Off Grid for Manzano Girls Soccer Team Locker Room

This project was a donation by OE Solar to the girl's soccer team that wrote to the company asking is there was anything we could do to help the team getting lighting in their locker rooms.  Our Owner felt for their plight and donated an off-gird system that they used to light their locker room so they no longer had to change with the door open.  

Tesla Battery

Atrisco Heritage High School BESS

The First Tesla Megapack to be installed at APS schools is located on the campus of Atrisco Heritage High School.  The project included a Tesla Megapack 721.8 KW/ 2887.2 kWh and 850KW of Solar PV.


Santa Ana Golf 

This 250KW solar carport was installed back in 2016 and still a favorite as it was our first.  Now we have over 20 carports of commercial customers throughout the city and state.

COA Solar project

Civic Plaza

This City of Albuquerque project includes more than 648 solar modules and is interconnected to the Albuquerque Convention Center.  It is the only solar PV system to interconnected to the PNM downtown network.

Solar Farm tracking system

Santa Ana Star Casion Hotel

This 906 KW system included Array Technologies single axes tracking system and carport solar. The system is tucked away at the casino grounds producing more energy as the tracking system follows the sun.

Commerical Solar Roof Mount System

Undisclosed Federal Project

This 200KW Solar Roof mount system was installed for a federal building.  We can disclose the location but was a really interesting project with a PV Sky light that we interconnected into the overall system. 

Solar Car Port for Commerical Building

Coyote Willow Family School

This 227 KW solar carport was installed on foundations that were constructed during Phase 1 of the project.  OE Solar was chosen for this project as we were confident that we could design a system that would be able to utilize the previously installed foundations.  

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