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Battery Energy Storage Systems

Commercial Battery Energy Storage Systems


As a Certified Tesla installer, OE Solar will find a battery energy storage system that fits your unique energy goals. OE Solar has the experience installing battery systems and understanding the unique interconnection and regulatory rules that get our systems commissioned.

At OE Solar, we understand that battery energy systems are not suited for all customers. Battery systems are best suited for clients that do not have reliable power, need a back up for critical systems or have very high demand charges.  Our experienced staff will perform energy studies to identify the  best solution for your needs.  We will even tell you “no” if a BESS system is just not right for your application. From energy security to savings money, batteries are finally developing the cost saving needs that companies care about.

What Is Peak Shaving with Battery Energy Solar Systems?

For most businesses, energy consumption varies throughout the workday, At the macro level, utility providers vary their pricing throughout the day: during times of high electricity demand, “peak” utility rates kick; when energy demand goes down, “off-peak” pricing shifts. 

With on-site battery storage, it’s possible to manage rising energy costs using a method known as “peak shaving.”

  • Your on-site storage system charges whenever electricity rates are at their lowest (i.e., during off-peak hours or with your free solar energy)

  • It then discharges during peak hours

This strategy allows you to save money without disrupting your normal operations. 

Peak shaving with batteries isn’t something you have to manage actively. With the correct configuration, your smart energy storage system can regulate charging and discharging without any direct intervention from you. 


Atrisco Heritage Academy Battery Energy Storage System

Battery energy storage systems & EV Chargers available

Megapack | Tesla 

The Tesla Megapack 2 unit can deploy over 3 MWh of energy. Megapack is designed for utilities and large-scale commercial projects. This battery can also be coupled with other Megapacks to offer an infinite number of possibilities to fit the largest of energy needs.

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Also known as the Solar Market Development Tax Credit, the NM PV provides a tax credit of 10% for small solar systems, including on-grid and off-grid PV systems and solar thermal systems. The starting date for this tax credit is March 1, 2020, and the tax credit runs through December 31, 2027. There is a cap of $12 million in tax credits to be issued every year on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is a tax credit cap of $6,000 per project.


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