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Third Party Testing

OE Solar

Specializes in

Third Party Testing & Certification.

Third-party performance testing ensures independent verification of warranty claims, endurance, output, and functionality of your PV in a variety of climate or conditions. Fire-resistance testing is just part of the rigorous testing criteria for PV modules; testing the module’s power output, grounding, accelerated aging & conditioning, thermal cycling, UV exposure, and high humidity/freeze tests prove crucial to ensuring & maintaining the quality of your solar panels.


OE Solar Provides Certified Records of

Third-Party Testing

OE Solar provides third party testing to ensure the proper performance of your build. Testing can be done on new construction & existing solar farms for performance issues. Likewise, OE solar can also perform testing for proper bonding and performance of the entire power plant including (but not limited to) breakers, surges, underground shorts location & grid performance. State governments and local municipalities have established regulations and mandates specifically for solar panel installation. State-funded solar incentive programs also have safety and quality testing requirements. Therefore, in order to participate in Solar Incentive programs, it’s likely that your solar panel system will be required to be tested in order to receive state or local government funds or tax credits.

Standard Test Conditions

  • Standard test conditions are fixed laboratory conditions that are common among testing facilities. Ensuring standard test conditions are a must for testing certifications; if conditions are different from one solar model to another, it could give the appearance that one performs better than its competitors. These standard tests include voltage, efficiency, power rating, and so on.

IEC Testing (IEC 61215)

  • The (IEC) International Electrochemical Commission sets assessment & quality standards on many electronic devices for testing organizations. This includes standards for photovoltaic (PV) panels. One of the main standards for the IEC is 61215, which sets the bar for PV panels. The IEC puts these panels through rigorous testing for performance, quality, and safety. Therefore, these standards include tests for wind and snow, electrical components. These tests include performance climate tests for precipitation impact, humidity, freezing, and exposure to UV rays.

Solar Panel Inspection

  • Solar Panel inspection includes checking for Potential Induced Degradation (PID). PID is a phenomenon where leakage of electrical current from the solar cell to the panel frame drives ion migration. This modifies the electrical characteristics of the solar cell, which therefore leads to the degradation of the panel’s power output. It’s crucial to have panels inspected to ensure they are working properly, as temperature, humidity and voltage all accelerate this process of PID. OE Optics offers Solar Panel Monitoring to Ensure that your PV’s are working properly, reducing the need to climb on the roof or schedule a maintenance call.

Certified Records

OE Solar provides you with Certified Records as proof of completed third party testing.

These certified records provide you, your company with the confidence that your panels are working properly.

  • Solar Panel Safety, Performance Testing & Inspection

  • Certified Record of IEC 61215, ANSI/UL 1703 requirements

  • Qualifying Documents of State & Local Government Requirements

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