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Snackable Facts on New Mexico Solar Jobs

The Great News You Need to Hear About New Mexico Recovery & Solar Jobs.

This week our founder and CFO, Galina Kofchock, presented an informative discussion about renewable energy impact on New Mexico jobs for the Commercial Real Estate Development Association. We are excited to share some of our favorite snackable facts we have learned about solar jobs!

1. An Average of 80 Solar Job Openings Listed in New Mexico at Any Time.

With over 200 sunny days per year, our growing solar industry is designing, building, and manufacturing installations and technologies every day. This means the industry as a whole needs a lot of various types of skillsets from entry-level sales to CAD design and electricians. (cited ZipRecruiter)

2. 6,800 Direct & Indirect NEW Jobs Created Annually

New Mexico is rapidly becoming a nationally recognized state for our solar capability and to support the efforts we need an abundance of trained and skilled workers. By choosing New Mexican owned and operated solar companies you can ensure that these jobs stay local. How many jobs? A study by UNM highlights that an estimated 6,800 NEW jobs are created every year. (cited UNM Jobs Project)

3. 22,515 Solar Homes Create a Real Estate Upskill Opportunities

With our fast-growing number of solar homes in New Mexico we need savvy real estate agents that understand and can highlight the cost benefits of solar installs on the homes they sell. Solar homes sell an average of 20% faster than conventional energy homes in the same area and of the same size. Great news for homeowners and real estate agents. At OE Solar we offer educational presentations for the local real estate market to help our local agents thrive. (cited SEIA)

4. Entry-Level Workers Find Resilience Through Solar

Solar is considered an essential anchor in the storm throughout 2020 for both investors and employment seekers. This also rings true for entry-level employees looking for new work due to shutdowns in major industries such as dining, retail, and beauty. As Solar continues to grow in New Mexico there will continue to be an increased demand for both in-office and in the field employees.

5. Veterans Can Now Pay For Solar Industry Certifications with Their GI Bill

Prior service members rejoice! Starting in 2020 the solar industry became a lot more veteran-friendly as NABCEP announced its partnership with US Veterans Affairs and the Wounded Warrior Project. Nationally recognized solar certifications are now covered by the Veteran GI Bill scholarship in an effort to ensure transferable in-demand skills for transitioning and separated service members.

We are excited about all the good news and employment opportunities available for our residents. New Mexico solar jobs are expected to continue increasing for years to come however there is already proving to be some disconnect between the local education available and the solar jobs that are open. Skilled workers are beginning to move from out of state to fill the gaps that the current talent pool is leaving open. The great thing is that most locally owned companies have developed their own in house training to employ local talent where they can.

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