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OE Solar Launches Solar Maintenance Membership

As the industry in solar becomes more and more competitive the industry also becomes more and more successful however, that comes at a cost. 

There are learning curves when offering aggressive rates with long term warranties and guarantees to clients. 

For some time now most solar arrays have a warranty of 25 years or more. However, like many other long-term investments, it is important to read between the lines. Many manufactures are requiring proof that solar panels have been maintained during the life of the system in order to be warrantable. 

OE Solar was ahead of the game in making New Mexico a leading example of how to ensure your arrays have the production and warranties that were guaranteed at the sale by offering residential solar homeowners OM&M services. 

“Just like a home investment or car investment you want to make sure it will last as long as you need it too or longer” says OE Solar. “By creating an affordable membership model for solar maintenance it has given new accessibility to homeowners and ensures that their investment is producing the maximum return.”

For a fixed yearly amount, you can be assured that you are producing all the power you were promised throughout the entire lifetime of your system and beyond. The Array. Advantage. Membership is a full maintenance package for invested solar homeowners who are serious about their savings and warranties.

“Members get access to reduced cost operations, maintenance, and monitoring services through this model.” Says OE Solar. As solar technology gets more efficient and complex the O&M services that matter most to solar component manufacturers are becoming the responsibility of homeowners. Arrays are expected to be maintained like any other major investment and Array. Advantage. makes it easy and affordable to do just that.”


There is value added: say you are supposed to produce 900kWh a month with your solar array however, you didn’t know that something happened and you were now only producing 450kWh. It may not be much for you to notice however, that is a difference of 5400kWh annually and at an average rate of .13 cents a kWh that is a whopping $702 you lost a year. Now times that by your warranty of 25 years, that’s a loss of $17,550!



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