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NAIOP Eagle Award Nominee 2020

OE Solar’s solar array build at Santa Ana Star Casino is in the running to win a very serious recognition from the New Mexico Commercial Real Estate Development Association, a NAIOP Award of Excellence.

This project is located on the Tamaya Pueblo, commonly known as the Santa Ana Pueblo, in Bernalillo county, New Mexico. The Santa Ana Star Casino is built into the beautiful natural landscape of New Mexico. The system was designed to leave the environment untouched, only improving on the manmade assets at the casino.

Built in two stages, the solar installation elegantly uses the available space at the casino with little to no displacement of the natural features of the land. First, a majority of the solar panels were placed on top of carports. Customers can enjoy the shade beneath the carport while consumption is sated on top. Second, a ground mounted site utilized spare land near the casino. These panels stand as a bold reminder to customers of the dedication of the Tamaya Pueblo to the environment.

With 224 mWh already produced this year our solar system is a real powerhouse solution to growing needs. That is equivalent to the amount of power 20 US Homes would consume in an entire year! Finally, we cannot neglect the sustainability of this project. Simply put, the sun is not going anywhere. With some of the longest solar hours per day, New Mexico stands out as the prime location for solar systems. This completed project will continue to produce power for decades to come.

Teamwork made the dream work for this project.

Construction for this project was complex with multiple sites, mounting systems, and a significant amount of electrical and information wiring. The complexity of the construction inherently created a complex schedule. It was a top concern for OE Solar that the Pueblo’s dedication to going green would not hurt the vital money brought in by the resort’s activity.

While the installation continued the casino/hotel never closed their doors. Working hand in hand with the president of the Santa Ana Star, the team at OE solar was able to carefully plan and ensure that they stayed open. Even sub-contractors were made to abide by this standard and stay in harmony with the set schedules. Teamwork made the dream work for this project.

The commissioning of the Santa Ana Star Casino/Hotel Solar System marks a significant achievement in New Mexican and Native Peoples. This system is a completely green offset to the power usage of the Casino, standing as one of the largest renewable energy systems installed on any Pueblo. OE Solar is proud to be a part of building a green bridge between sovereign lands and the state of New Mexico.

In addition, monitoring services provided by eGauge report annual saving at $29,177.00. With an estimated annual savings of $55,000.00 the system is green for the owner’s wallet as well as the environment.

We are confident that this project will be a gift that keeps on giving to the community. It will ensure the clean, safe, and affordable longevity of the resort.

We are honored by this recognition.


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