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Why installing a solar panel in your home is a great idea

Most of us are already well aware of the fact that installing solar panels is one of the most environment-friendly ways of generating energy. And with tremendous advancements in the world of solar technology, the solar panels of today are even more beneficial when it comes to installing them as an energy source. Regardless of whether you own a home, manage a municipal building or run a business, here are some incredible benefits of installing a solar panel that you must know.

Save on your energy costs

One of the biggest and well-known advantages of installing a solar panel is that you can save a lot of money on your energy consumption every month! You can enjoy massive savings on your energy bills with immediate effect. Since solar energy is a modular technology, you can increase or decrease the number of panels installed to alter the level of energy production. With every additional panel that you install, you can produce more kilowatts of energy and enjoy larger energy bill savings.

Enhance the value of your home

Installing a solar panel in your home is a sure shot way of instantly increasing the resale worth of your home. Studies indicate that in addition to being sold nearly 15% faster than their counterparts that do not have a solar panel installation, homes with a simple 3.1Kw system will be worth approximately $17,000 more in the real estate market!

Earn tax rebates and credits

While you might not realize it, but a solar panel installation is one of the safest and most lucrative investments that you can make on your home. For instance, when you file your taxes, you can get nearly 30% of the costs of your equipment and installation in the form of federal income tax credit. In addition to this, consumers also enjoy a host of local and state rebates along with Solar Renewable Energy Credits that further compensate for the initial investment on their solar panels.

Contribute to the environment preservation

Since solar power systems are a renewable source that generate pure and clean energy utilizing the power of the sunrays, they help reduce our dependence on fossil fuel and curb the emission of greenhouse gases that harm the ozone. Producing energy using traditional fossil fuels such as coal emits harmful gases that produce atmospheric pollution and damages the environment. Solar energy, on the other hand, keeps the atmosphere clean and conserves the natural climatic cycles on earth. To sum it up, solar energy not only pays tremendous dividends for the owner that installs the system but also proves to be highly beneficial in creating a more sustainable environment for our future generations.



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