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New NM Small Business Council

Small Business Majority, a nationally recognized organization, plays a pivotal role in empowering a diverse spectrum of entrepreneurs across America. Their mission revolves around fostering a thriving and equitable economy for all, with a particular focus on small businesses. What sets them apart is their commitment to accessibility – they do not operate as a membership-based organization, ensuring that all their educational resources and assistance are readily available to everyone, free of charge.

One of the core pillars of their work is policy and advocacy, where they actively engage in initiatives that advocate for the interests of small businesses. This commitment extends to regions across the country, including New Mexico.

In a recent development, Small Business Majority has taken a significant step by establishing the first-ever New Mexico Business Council. This council is comprised of local small businesses hailing from various corners of the state. Their primary objective is to convene virtually on a monthly basis, creating a platform for discussions surrounding the challenges and gaps that affect small businesses in New Mexico.

Galina Kofchock, OE Solar's esteemed Chief Financial Officer, is enthusiastic about her involvement in the New Mexico Business Council. With her extensive experience of over 14 years as a small business owner in New Mexico, she brings a unique perspective to the table. Galina is determined to contribute meaningfully to the council by addressing state-specific and industry-related issues that have a direct impact on small businesses. Her active participation embodies OE Solar's commitment to not only thriving in the solar industry but also supporting the broader small business community in New Mexico. Through her insights and dedication, she aims to help shape policies and initiatives that will benefit small businesses across the state.



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