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COVID-19 Contact Free Housecalls

Our Priority is the Safety of Your Family.

At OE Solar we are following the advice of the CDC, state and local authorities and taking every step we can to continue to serve our community safely.

Most of the work we do is outside of the home. With new measures in place to limit contact between our crews and our clients, we are confident in offering our customers a 100% contact-free experience to maintain distancing and prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection.

Remote Consultations

Handshakes at OE Solar have been replaced with air high fives and elbow bumps. You can now have all of your questions answered contact free online via video call and still get to talk face to face with our office staff. Solar consultations, proposals and contract signings will be performed remotely.

• All nonessential staff is working from home.

One Point of Contact

You are provided one point of contact that you can connect with who streamlines your communications anytime we come to your home. You’ll have your point of contact’s cellphone number so that any and all requests or information can be addressed and distributed seamlessly between you and the working crew without needing to leave your home or be onsite.

• Point of contacts are required to wear a mask and remain 6 feet away when addressing customers in person.

• Point of contact must maintain and communicate a site-specific plan that addresses clear separation of worker-controlled areas from public, client or other areas.

• All accessible areas contacted by the installers are cleaned prior to leaving the site.

Social Distancing on the Job

Our solar installers will be setting up their equipment a little farther than usual so that we can keep a distinct and separate ‘clean’ area. Hands, solar panels and equipment are sanitized before leaving the shop and routinely sanitized throughout the day.

We are doing everything we can to promote social distancing among our solar professionals. In addition to the new policies in place listed above, we also have specific instructions for our crews in the field.

• If work inside of customers living space is necessary employees must avoid unventilated areas. If the garage is open then all work must be performed there.

• Crew members will not be sharing personal items like gloves, phones or safety glasses. Shared equipment such as company vehicles and large tools must be wiped down before and after use.

• We have staggered shifts to limit interactions among employees, crew members are driving in separate vehicles when possible and maintaining social distancing (including during breaks).

• We are minimizing all movement and proximity to others on site when possible. This includes everyday actions like carrying solar panels from farthest ends and bringing lunches from home.

• Any team member that feels sick must remain home and be free of symptoms for 24 hours before they allowed to return to work.

We thank our community for being understanding and flexible as we navigate and adjust to all new information and directives associated with COVID-19 and it’s prevention.

If you have questions please don’t hesitate to reach us by email at or call directly at (505) 850-8863



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