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Albuquerque Driving Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Electric vehicles are everywhere these days and it’s no surprise that as the world makes renewable energy and sustainability a priority major car manufacturers race to get electric vehicles (often called EVs for short) onto the consumer market. What has this meant for Burquenos? Well, a lot! There is EV support being built all around us. 

1. More Public Charging Stations

On Earth Day, April 22, 2020, the State of New Mexico and the City of Albuquerque announced an award of $180,000 from the VW Settlement Trust Fund to build 24 new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across Albuquerque and an additional $800,000 toward electric buses for the Transit Department. These stations will supply increased charging access to EV and plug-in hybrid owners both living in and traveling through Albuquerque – filling in service gaps along U.S. Interstate 40, Paseo del Norte, and U.S. Interstate 25.

2. Strategically Placed Solar Carports 

Owners of commercial properties and private homes alike are looking at their options for cost reduction and energy independence. Solar carports provide shade and electricity which lessens the cost of electricity and provides valuable shade for vehicles. This type of infrastructure is on the rise and you’ll see it popping up in schools, city buildings, apartment complexes, and private homes across the state. In the last few years, we have definitely seen an increase in interest from both commercial and residential markets throughout New Mexico. 

3. Increase of Tesla Wall Sales 

With Tesla still leading the race in Electric Vehicles, it’s no surprise that Tesla Wall sales are on the up and up. Tesla’s brand of solar batteries is made for the Tesla owner and their sleek look is something people can be proud to hang inside of their garage. Tesla is paving the way for future car manufactures converting to cleaner portfolios and modern consumers agree that design is just as important as capability. 

4. PV Glass Inspires New EV Design Capabilities

Solar technology is constantly advancing and transparent PV glass is not science fiction anymore. This makes for a very interesting shift in EV design capability. Some car manufactures such as Hyundai have put solar panels on the roof which consumers found smart but not necessarily good looking. Solar glass is expanding the options for automobile designers and it’s only a matter of time before we see solar windows in everyday use. 

5. Solar Energy Storage Changes the Narrative for EV drivers

Prior to the advancement and affordability of home electric storage systems, solar homeowners could only use their solar power during the daylight hours. Battery storage keeps the electricity flowing 24/7 giving EV drivers a choice to power up their cars on renewable electricity while they sleep. This has empowered many New Mexico EV drivers to establish and regulate dependable low-cost car charging by forfeiting the inconsistencies of gasoline prices and the ever-increasing and fluctuating costs of conventional grid power.


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