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The sun might be 90 million miles from Earth, but it takes only ten short minutes for light to travel that distance. Solar energy has become increasingly popular over the last 30 years, and the cost has dropped by more than 200% in that time. However, only 4% of the world’s electricity today is generated by solar power. Why is that? The following are just a few reasons why we should invest in solar energy and prepare for the future.

Saves Money

Investing in solar energy can benefit individuals and businesses substantially. The average savings for an American consumer over 20 years is around $20,000. In highly populated states, like California, the savings is even higher at $30,000, and in sunny locations like Hawaii, savings could reach $65,000. Solar energy is free after the initial investment, and many solar panels today carry a 25 to 30 year warranty. Some can even be expected to last up to 40 years! An investment now can result in savings for several decades to come.

Financially Lucrative

Choosing to invest in solar energy can be a financially lucrative decision. Those who choose to install solar panels or devices are able to claim credit on their taxes and a number of additional subsidies are offered. This reduces the cost of installation and makes the choice even more appealing.

Benefits the Environment

Solar power has little impact on the environment. It doesn’t create carbon, methane or other dangerous emissions which are released by fossil fuels. It also doesn’t require any kind of mining or drilling operations to make it possible. Global warming has become quite the buzzword and something we strive to prevent. Solar power releases zero greenhouse gases and preserves our environment for many generations to come.

Go Off the Grid

Over 10,000 people in 2009 chose to leave the grid and switch to solar power for their homes. Why did so many make this decision? Because getting power in isolated locations can be expensive and time-consuming. People have figured out they can harness their own energy, and in turn, become self-reliant and save money. Going off the grid provides a sense of privacy and independence that many people desire.

Job Creation

Job creation is vital to the economy, and solar energy can create 2-3 times more jobs than coal or natural gas. These jobs come in the form of manufacturing, installing, research, development, cultural integration and policy management. Solar jobs will only continue to increase as we invest in this resource. As the solar industry grows, more jobs will be created in our country.

Reliable and Secure

Solar energy is reliable because we know what time the sun will rise and set each day. We know exactly how much daylight we get, depending on the time of year. Investing in solar energy also provides considerable security because it eliminates our reliance on other countries. We currently look to other parts of the world to provide much of our oil and other natural resources. This can result in problems if relations are strained or tensions escalate. Being dependent on solar energy, rather than foreign resources, increases the security of our country. Solar energy can’t be bought, traded or monopolized, and with that comes an abundance of sanctuary.

Low Maintenance

Solar energy is incredibly low maintenance. It doesn’t have to be mined, drilled or transported like other fossil fuels. Harnessing this form of energy is simple and effective. Radiation from the sun is captured and turned into good, clean energy. Once the initial investment has been made, solar energy remains an efficient energy source. The amount Americans spend on energy created by fossil fuels is nearly 100 times more than that created by solar power. Making the investment in solar energy might seem like a big step, but can greatly benefit you for years to come. Want to learn more about solar energy systems for your home or business? Call Osceola Energy today at 505-850-8863!



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