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Going Solar Can Add to The Value of Your Home

Many times, when homeowners are looking to increase the value of their home, remodeling the kitchen or bathroom seems to be the areas of the home that garner the greatest attention. And who doesn’t love a new kitchen or bathroom? After all, they are usually the rooms homeowners tend to utilize most. But our beautiful bathrooms and updated kitchens require electricity for lighting and to operate the myriad of gadgets we use on a regular basis. Homeowners know all too well that that cost can be quite high at times.

Decreases the cost in the rooms you spend the most time.

Most of us spend a great deal of time in either the kitchen or bath of our home. The reason we spend so much time in our freshly remodeled kitchens is to prepare meals for our selves and our loved ones and doing so generally requires having electricity to power the refrigerator along with the many other appliances we use on a regular basis. If you are a coffee drinker, then you know all too well the vital necessity of electricity. Homeowners already have so much to keep track of and fluctuating energy costs can mean that there are less available resources for upgrading those necessary appliances.

Solar homes sell 20% faster

Being able to generate that electricity independently is one reason that going solar is a wise investment for homeowners. Another and often overlooked benefit of going solar is that it can add to the resale value of the home. That’s right, having solar panels installed on your home, can help sell your home for more when compared to homes that are not solar powered.  Not only does going solar help to generate the electricity needed for homeowners to enjoy their home but, it may also be just the thing that sells a home quicker and for more than the neighbor’s home. On average, homeowners that install solar, sell their home 20% faster than homes without solar.

Utility rates never change

As utility rates continue to rise every year, the benefits to homeowners of adding solar continue to rise as well. Coupled with the ever-increasing connectivity of electronics and appliances that require electricity, going solar makes more sense for homeowners now than ever before. Having a set rate you can count on is a very different experience compared to complicated cost structures and fluctuating payments. That fancy Bluetooth connected coffee pot or toaster oven is even more enjoyable when it is being powered by the brilliant sun.  So not only does going solar offer homeowners the benefit of increasing the resale value of their home, but it also may allow for a more rewarding experience of living in that home.

Special tax credits and financial incentives for converting to renewable energy

Another great benefit of those amazing solar panels is that they may help homeowners qualify for some hefty tax credits.  Both the federal government and many state governments offer various tax incentives for homeowners who add solar to their homes. Taking advantage of those tax credits, the savings on the cost of electricity, and the increased resale value of the home makes the addition of solar a wise investment for nearly every homeowner.[/vc_column][/vc_row]



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