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OE Solar is an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor operating out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. We work with commercial and industrial clients across the Southwest. Our mission is to reduce and stabilize electricity costs through solar. Likewise, the case studies below exhibit previously completed projects.  OE has a variety of ways we reduce and stabilize electricity costs. Even so, we do this through solar-plus-storage, and standalone storage projects. Yet, OE’s experienced project finance team works with you to analyze a variety of solar financing options. Our finance team researches incentives and rebate programs on your behalf to find a solution that best fits your budget, maximizing ROI.

Furthermore, we are a trusted GSA approved, woman-owned small business that meets the requirements of many Federal agency diversity contract goals. Therefore, our expert knowledge of energy policy. Indeed, our case studies prove that our relationships with policymakers and regulators allow us to make solar simpler, streamlining the solar process for commercial & industrial clients. Our case studies show OE solar electricians are held to the highest licensing standards. At OE Solar, we pride ourselves on our strong values of being agile, versatile, and trustworthy. Our customers’ goals motivate us to provide solutions for various applications in miscellaneous markets. Don’t take our word for it – discover for yourself in these case studies how we have provided each customer with individualized solar solutions.


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Case studies show that over the past 15 years, OE has grown into a multi-million dollar energy development and EPC servicing commercial and residential clients as well as municipal, Sovereign Nation, and US government interests. OE Solar specializes in engineering, procurement, and construction for commercial, government and community solar projects.  Case Studies show that with 26% of costs covered by Federal Renewable Energy Tax Credit and New Mexico’s additional 10% Income Tax Credit. Switching to solar has never been more affordable or easy. Your business could also take advantage of the bonus MACRS Depreciation along with No Gross Receipts Tax! OE Solar can work with your CPA or accountant to realize how these incentives can save your business thousands based on your tax situation. Click the button below to learn more about solar, past projects and publications.

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